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About the Webmaster

Hi! This is Ludy from Cavite, Philippines, the creator of all the music sheets found on this website. I learned playing the piano through a private tutor when I was 9, but quit after 2 years because my tutor was just too old to continue teaching me. Left to "fend" for myself, I managed to sustain my interest in playing the piano and improved thru practice. But -- I was too dependent on music sheet and reading notes. When I got interested in playing pop songs, I grew frustrated that I couldn't play my favorites because I don't have the music sheet. Way back in 2002, there's not much resource on the internet for these. So I started playing them on my own -- and that's how I started this website.

About Words & Music

This website started out as a one-pager site with only the links the sheets provided. Then the no. of sheets grew and I began to organize sections such as sheets, links and the likes. I change layout once in while when I grow bored with the current one. I changed hosts in between, too, so it can be really be confusing for you out there. Hopefully I'll stay for good in words3music.ph.

If you're curious how I created the music sheets, I follows these simple steps:

  • I make use of the song's guitar chords and "convert" them into piano scales. You may visit http://www.8notes.com/piano_chord_chart to see how the "conversion" is done.
  • With the left hand guided by these piano scales and taking into account the rhythm or riffs of the song, I then play the melody by ear with my right hand.
  • However, if I need to be more accurate, or there are no available chords, then I'll make it a point to listen to the song more closely and try to play what I hear.
  • The sheets are first transcribed by hand (this is the most tedious part since I draw the notes on paper as I play on the piano, key by key), and then encoded them into the software notation called Finale Songwriter. I then convert them to PDF for available use of you people out there!

If you want to play your favorite song but can't find the sheets for it, you may follow what I did. It's easy, really, once you get the hang of playing with only the guitar chords. 8notes offers some tips in playing piano riffs. So start arranging now! :)